Our most favourite aromas!

Our most favourite aromas!

Pumpkin everything!
When it comes to autumn, we love everything pumpkin scented. At LLA, pumpkins are a main character the second we feel a chill breeze! Lily’s favourite activity is going to a pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins when it’s closer to Halloween!

With this, one of our top scents is Pumpkin Patch! With its delicious mix of creamy pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon and caramel it brings the most drool-worthy aromas to a home! Available as a candle, diffuser, wax melt or carpet fragrance - you have all the options!


A baker’s dream.
I don’t know about you, but baking and fall go together for me! I loved a freshly baked apple crumble and anything with chocolate - who doesn’t, right? Another favourite scent of ours is Moonlight Harvest. With its cute as pie name, this aroma brings all the good feels to your home! It smells like honey apples, spiced pears and apricot nectar - so all the yummiest things in one!


Is it fall without spice?
Trees, spice and everything nice! We love a good fall breeze that brings nostalgia. Our third favourite is Eternal Woods, bringing you all the spooks of the spooky season with delicious aromas! It smells like winter sage, sweet orange and smouldering spices - truly an autumn breeze of an aroma!

We of course love our entire Celestial Equinox collection & we love to hear what your favourite scents are! Make sure to let us know on socials or by leaving a review. Have an enchanting fall, cuties ✨