Welcoming our new line!

Welcoming our new line!

Welcome to a new era of Lily Lou's Aromas products! Who doesn't love a special surprise or a gift within a gift? That's what we were thinking! Introducing the new Jewelry Candle Line! 💕

Jewelry and candles go hand in hand to us. As an amazing gift to someone you know or to yourself - you're getting a 2 in 1!

Launch 💖
We wanted to launch this line in perfect time for Valentine's Day! The options will of course be sticking around and past February 14th and we will be launching new releases with every collection.

Product Line 💎
We're starting out simple with a few options like a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Matching our brand, they will be beautiful, sparkly and of course - aesthetic!

With a Galentine's option, you can gift a bundle to yourself and one to your BFF! Valentine's Day is the day of love and nothing says love like showing your appreciation to your best friend. Not to mention the throwback to the 2000's we're getting with the matching BFF necklaces - hello nostalgia!

As you know, LLA is also huge on self-love and self-care. This is why it was important for us to have a candle jewelry option to promote self-love! Give yourself the gift of a delicious smelling candle and a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

Scents 🌸
The scents were all chosen based on the theme of the candle and jewelry combo. As they are first being released for Valentine's Day, some scents are centred around sweets and florals. Others are focused on the benefits of burning such as relaxation for the self-love candle. Of course, everything smells amazing and we cannot wait for you to try!

Gift Giving 🎁
Our goal with this new product line is to provide the ultime gift option for you to either yourself or a loved one. A candle is already a fantastic gift for the aroma lovers and jewelry is a more intimate gift for the special people in your life or yourself, so why not put them together to create the ultimate combo?

Sometimes you need a little extra something as a gift to give or to receive and our goal was to help you with the whole process! Finding the perfect gift for someone doesn't have to be stressful or complicated - we got you covered!

Safety 🔥
We have a guide created on how to safely remove the jewelry from the melting candles - check it out to ensure you don't hurt yourself or the jewelry.

It's also important that you monitor the first burn in order to remove the jewelry, so keep that in mind when lighting it and have fun!

Sustainability 🌎
Nothing has changed with our goals and environmental friendly methods! Everything will still be hand-poured in small batches in order to avoid excess waste. The vessels will be reusable and of course a part of our recycling program! 

Extras ✨
We hope you enjoy this line as much as we do! We had so much fun choosing the jewelry, the scents and naming everything! Our goal with this is to provide a beautiful 2 in 1 product to our LLA family. Let us know what you think in the reviews and on socials and don't forget to bring some sparkle into your day!