Behind the LLA & BBP Collab!

Behind the LLA & BBP Collab!
It's 2023, and we have our first collab - yay! You already know about the Bedside Business Plan from our Spotlight with them and the co-founder, Jana. We love them and the journal so much that we decided to collaborate and bring an amazing line of candles to life that pair perfectly with the journal!

Bedside Business Plan 📘
This journal is a warm, supportive best friend for anyone looking to start their new business journey. It is meant to be written in every day, at your own pace and has amazing prompts to help you fulfill your business plan! Not only is it supportive, it has motivational quotes peppered throughout to bring you positive energy for the entire process!

Routines and habits ✨
You also know how important journaling is to us at LLA! We light a candle of our choice, open up the journal and start on our goal. Whether it's to manifest, to journal about our day, daily gratitude journaling or to work on specific goals - a candle is always there for us! 

We wanted to bring warm, supportive habits to your daily routine and there is no better way than a bundle of the best goodies! It's never too late to start a new routine or habit, especially one that supports both your mental health and your goals!

Product line 💕
We have three amazing new aromas perfectly curated to match with your plans! The first is in our manifestation candle, named Universe, Do Your Thing. We know the power of manifestation, how important the right aromas are and of course, the added strength of a crystal! Read the full description here:

The second is our self love candle, named But First, Be Well. 'Be Well' is a common phrase of Jana's in her coaching business and with the Bedside Business Plan. It felt fitting to focus on self love while you grow your business, your goals, your future. It's so important to remember to take care of yourself, even if your dreams seem like you don't have time for it! This candle has a luscious aroma and is perfect for writing in the journal when you're focusing on yourself as a business owner. Use the crystal for extra power and watch the magic happen!

The third candle is named, Goal Digger. Although it's quite self-explanatory, this one is for the ones who want to journal while working on their goals! The aroma is centered around the idea of energy and providing positive vibes while you journal. Light it up, get your crystal, and start planning, bestie!

Options 🤩
Every candle comes in either an 8oz size with a journal and the option to add a crystal or as a kit of all three both 8oz sizes and mini candle sizes - with the option to add the crystals as well! 

Each candle and/or bundle comes with a journal from the Bedside Business Plan! We recommend all three as you can set different intentions when journaling and every aroma is specific to those intentions! 

Things to note! ✍️
As this is a special collab, it will be available for a limited time only! Make sure you get your order in and grab your candles and journal so you're set for your new business journey! Pre-sale starts on January 9th and ends on January 16th!

Love message 💖
Both Lily Lou's Aromas and Bedside Business Plan focus on mental health, self love, manifesting and working on our goals. We both believe business can be approached from a comfortable, supportive and healthy side. This is why we made these amazing bundles for you and we cannot wait for you to try them!

Treat yourself and someone you know who needs it - everyone needs more comfort in their lives! Manifest, grow, be well.