Day 6 of 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA: Huha! 🩲

Day 6 of 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA: Huha! 🩲

Welcome to Day 6 of our Spotlight! Today, we have an incredible brand focused on health and comfort for the underwear wearing community: Huha!

Alexa, the founder, started the company when she was told by her doctor to wear cotton undies after multiple UTIs. After some research, she realized the market was missing an underwear option that was a good fit, looked good and of course, was comfortable. Alexa also saw in her research how, even though cotton is healthier than synthetics, it requires large amounts of dye in order to hold colour! No one wants chemically charged underwear near their huha!

With this, Huha was born! Huha is a fast growing brand that is quickly changing the underwear game. With products focused on both our health and the environment’s health, they have an amazing variety of products with inclusive sizing! Their main fabric is TENCEL which is an all-natural fibre made out of eucalyptus trees! How cool is that?

You already know how health is a core value at LLA! We love everything Huha does and brings to the table, they truly are leading a revolution in the undies market! 

Treat yourself or someone you know who needs some Huha love in their life with a special 15% discount today! Use code: HUHAXLILYLOU15 at checkout!

Happy shopping! 🩲💝

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