Day 5 of 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA: Intelligent Change 📕

Day 5 of 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA: Intelligent Change 📕

It's Day 5 of our Spotlight and we couldn’t be more excited about it - Intelligent Change. The Five Minute Journal is a staple in the LLA house, especially with Chloe and Lily who use it regularly!

Intelligent Change, the makers behind The Five Minute Journal products to help bring daily gratitude into your life, assist with productivity and to create positive habits both organically and sustainably!

We absolutely LOVE The Five Minute Journal and all of Intelligent Change’s products as well as their goals and materials. The newest products are 100% recycled and biodegradable, and they use FSC™ certified paper which means no new trees were cut to make the products! We love sustainability and eco-friendliness! The journals are also bound in 100% cloth based products like cotton or linen and don’t contain plastic or synthetic materials - how amazing is that!

Journaling is such an important part of self-care, and at LLA, we are all about self-care and taking time for ourselves! It’s also a core value of ours to support brands that are leading the way to sustainability and that have a positive impact.

Treat yourself or someone you care about with a special 10% discount as a part of our collaboration with Intelligent Change! Use code LLA10 at checkout and happy shopping family 📕💕

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