Warming season!

Warming season!

It's warming season!
With the colder months approaching, it's the best time to test out different aromas and really find your favourites. 🍂

A forever favourite of ours and our LLA family is Birthday Cake. Whether in a whipped candle or a wax melt. Did you know that most aromas come in either a candle or wax melt form? Double up on your favourites based on your preferences!

When is a wax melt best?
The most important thing is that whatever you choose to burn or melt, you never leave the room while something is lit. If you're looking for a longer or constant melt, wax melts are your way to go. Since you can easily continue adding melts once they burn up, you can keep it going longer whereas candles shouldn't be lit longer than 4 hours.

Sparkle, baby!
Did you know that all of our products sparkle when they melt? They bring the extra sparkle to your home as the aromas surround you! Whether the melts or the candles, they all sparkle! LLA is about everything glittery and that doesn't stop at our product line! ✨

Candle burning:
Did you know there's an art to candle burning? Yes! You heard that right! Let us help you with your candles and ensure you get the best burn possible.

First steps:
The first burn is the most important because you have to allow the wax to fully warm and melt to the edge of the glass, both on the first burn and each one after! The first burn should last between 2-4 hours maximum.

It's important that you don't burn any candle for more than 4 hours at a time. After every burn,
trim the wick to 1/8." The shorter height on your wick allows the wax to feed the flame properly.

Also remember to stop burning your candle when there is 1/4" wax remaining.

Why is it important?
Keeping your wick trimmed and clean is important to ensure you have proper burn and melting time! You don't want to waste your candle by not properly maintaining the wick and tracking the burn! 

It's also important to ensure you're keeping an eye on all of your products as long as something is burning/lit! Being a candle lover comes with responsibility but it is oh so worth it! 

Treat yourself this melting season and stock up on all your favourites - check out our newest bundles so you can save big! Happy shopping 💕 

If you're looking for a complete care guide of our products, visit the Care Guide page on our website!