Vision boards for 2023 ✨

Vision boards for 2023 ✨

The new year is upon us and we are so ready for it! This is the period during the holidays where you rest, reset and of course - prepare for the new year! At LLA, we don't really do resolutions. We would rather focus on manifestations, goals, and a whole vision board for the entire year. Let's chat about it! 💕

What is a vision board? 
A vision board is something you create with your ultimate goals, for you to see everyday and to be the main focus and reason for your hard work! It is essentially a collage or a board of photos with what you will be manifesting. This can be whatever your heart desires!

Tips and tricks: 💖
Your goals can be anything relating to personal growth, business goals, education, home-life - whatever you want to work on! Although your board can have photos of whatever your heart desires - try to keep the goals attainable so you feel more encouraged to keep working on them! This doesn't mean not writing a sales target if you think it's high - I mean more like purchasing a private jet! But hey, this is YOUR board! You put photos of whatever you want to manifest into your life!

Your vision board is something you should look at everyday. For example, mine is my laptop screensaver. You can print yours out or do whatever you like with it - just make sure you can see it daily!

Colours are so important as well. Ensure that you're including colours you love, that make you happy and that you personally associate with feeling good! Colours, patterns, shapes - those are all so important! Make this board YOU, since this is your vision!

Journalling for the end of a year and start of a new one is also a fantastic way to know what you'd like on your board. This way, you can reflect on the year that is coming to an end and focus on your goals and intentions for the upcoming year! Having this available to see everyday can also help with the power of your manifestations! We suggest printing it and placing it near your vision board or laptop - the more tools for your success, the better!

What's on Lily Lou's Aromas board for 2023? 🤩
We have a lot on our board! With a mixture of business growth, product growth and personal growth - 2023 is going to be packed for us! An important goal of Lily's is get a warehouse and grow our team in order to help with the overall growth of LLA. We have new products on our list and to be available in stores across Canada and the US!

Lily would also love to collab with more people who inspire her. As a young, female entrepreneur - we need more girl power, amiright! And though we have grown our socials incredibly in the last year, Lily's big socials goal is to hit 50k!

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Stay tuned for updates from LLA! We are ready for the best, drool-worthy and sparkly year yet ✨