How to support small businesses this holiday season 🎄

How to support small businesses this holiday season 🎄

Who doesn't love the holiday season? Twinkly lights, fresh snow, and peppermint! There's one thing that I know stresses the masses though, and that would be gift shopping! Ordering online has become the main way to shop, and trust me - I do the same! It's important to ensure that we also support local and show love to the small businesses while doing our holiday shopping. Here are a few tips and what it means to support small this season 🎁

Search engines are your best friend:
Before going to the big businesses or the classic large retail stores, try to do a quick online search if what you're looking for is available near you or at a small business - this may even lead you to finding your new favourite. 

Not all local businesses are online, but the chances that they are and that they deliver or have a curb pick-up option are high! Supporting the small shops during the holiday season truly ensures more months of survival for the business. Many businesses also hire staff for the holidays and so in supporting them, you're also helping some people who may need an extra dollar or two during the giving season!

So, before going to the big guys, try to do a quick search online or through socials with what you're looking for! 

Benefits to supporting small 💝:
Being a small business. we put specialized care in every single product we create for our LLA family. Supporting small ensures you have a better experience and receive a more carefully curated product! Who doesn't love feeling taken care of? Small businesses truly but a personalized spin on their products, especially when it comes to the holidays. 

Small business customer service is always a much better experience as well. Not only are you ensuring a better product, but you're ensuring a better experience - should you need it. Customer service doesn't only have to be after you receive your purchase, it can be once your order is placed! Good customer service can be the difference between a one-time purchaser and a new constant customer. Small businesses know this and take every new customer to heart with them for the entire process!

What about the cost?:
If you're trying to follow a specific budget, it can definitely be easier to support bigger brands not to break the bank. However, small businesses also take part in the classic holiday sales we've all known to appreciate! Whether a discount, a 2-for-1 deal or free shipping, small businesses offer a variety of sales and discounts, especially around the holidays. Make sure you take a look at the coming sales dates, sign up for the newsletters and you'll be in the loop!

Feelin' good!✨:
Instead of supporting larger corporations focused only on quantity over quality, shop small and know you helped a small business! Most small businesses also count on the holidays in order to celebrate as well. Knowing you supported a small business and their growth is such an amazing feeling. Taking the time to do your research can make all the difference!

During the holidays, the smaller businesses are usually the ones to donate towards amazing causes as well. If charities and donations fuel your purchasing, make sure you take a few minutes to review the business you're thinking of supporting! Small businesses often donate, are eco-friendly and/or support multiple amazing causes! Supporting small usually means supporting more than the one business you're purchasing from.

Take the time to research this holiday season and spend with love! Happy Holiday season to all!