Does your wood wick need some love?

Does your wood wick need some love?

We all LOVE a wood wick - but sometimes they need a little extra love to keep on burning! Below are some tips and tricks for you to ensure optimal burning and delicious scents with your wood wick candle!

1) The 1st burn is the deepest!

Allow the wax to fully warm and melt to the edge of the vessel, both on the first burn and each one after (2-4 hours max)!

After your first burn, you do this by breaking off the TOP black bits of the wooden wick with your fingers, or use nail clippers to shorten the wick to be about 1/8″ – 3/16″. (This includes cotton wicks as well). 

2) Trim the tree!

For a proper burn, you must trim the wick before every burn and allow wax to fully melt to the edge of the vessel, both on the first burn and consecutive ones! Use the trick above to ensure this is done properly. 
The shorter height allows the wax to feed the flame properly.

On every new burn, trim the wick to be 1/8" -  the shorter height on your wick allows the wax to feed the flame properly.

An accessories kit that includes a wick trimmer will soon be available, stay tuned! 

3) Burn baby burn!

Wicks light best with a BBQ lighter (hold it 5-8 seconds when lighting). If you think you've over-trimmed the wick, use a butter knife to scrape out a small amount of wax from directly underneath the wick and relight with the lighter.

If your candle starts to tunnel, your wick can have troubles staying lit. To be able to fix this issue, use the butter knife to take out the tunneling wax to level out the surface of the wax. Wax should all be level and approximately 1/8" below the wick. 

Other tips:
- Wooden wicks light best with a long lighter: hold it for 5-8 seconds when lighting.

Do NOT burn the candle for longer than 4 hours at a time. Stop burning your candle when there is 1/4" wax remaining.

- Never leave your burning candle unattended!

- Ensure you follow these steps and enjoy your candle!

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As always, please follow the warning instructions located on the bottom of your candle. Do not burn for longer than 4 hours, do not light near any objects that can catch fire, & light away from drafts!