Day 3 of 9 Days of Spotlights: MRZ Everyday 💎

Day 3 of 9 Days of Spotlights: MRZ Everyday 💎

Welcome to day 3 of 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA! Today we have MRZ Everyday, a gorgeous and dainty jewelry brand!

Alannah, the founder of MRZ Everyday, has been around the block with businesses a few times! Having previously owned a children’s clothing business, amongst others, she was missing the interaction, marketing and customer service aspect of business. Needing a creative outlet as well, Alannah decided to launch MRZ Everyday. As a mom of 3, her life is quite busy as she also runs a bookkeeping business! 

Alannah’s goal is to provide fully customizable jewelry. Everything is gold-filled or sterling silver as she currently phases out the gold-plated options. She wishes to provide long lasting and high quality at a reasonable price. Jewelry is so expensive to begin with, especially high-quality jewelry! Alannah wants to provide a service where her customers get to choose their pieces and enjoy them for years to come, while wearing them without having to take them off and not compromising the quality. 

MRZ Everyday has a beautiful selection for either the jewelry lover or the beginner! Earrings, rings, bracelets and a men’s section - amongst other categories, are available to order. 

As we all know, jewelry goes through trends in terms of colour, shapes and materials. However, MRZ Everyday truly provides dainty jewelry for everyday wear - we get the name now, Alannah! 

Whether you’re looking for a gift, to treat yourself or for a special occasion, MRZ Everyday has something for everyone, for every taste and preference! 

For our LLA family, Alannah has provided a generous discount of 20% on all purchases. Use code LLA15 at checkout! Happy shopping, family 💎💖

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