LLA’s Holiday Gift Guide! 🎄

LLA’s Holiday Gift Guide! 🎄


At LLA, we take the holidays very seriously! Which is why we have a gift guide for you based on your needs and your giftee!

So, let’s get started!

Corporate gifting:
We know the holidays can be very stressful and the last thing we want is for you to be stressing about what to gift your team this holiday season, so, we’ve got you covered! We truly have something for all to enjoy! Mini candles are available if you’re looking to stay within budget or go for our kits of minis for a more festive gift! If you’re looking for the lowest stress, we have multiple gift box options starting at $15 each that already come wrapped for you! Bonus - a percentage of every gift box sale will be donated to charity! 🎁


Stocking stuffers:
As mentioned above, mini candles are a fantastic option for all! A great size in 2.5oz and it fits perfectly in stockings. Wax melt bars are always a favourite as well - and make sure you confirm if the person you’re gifting needs a wax warmer or not while you’re at it! We have an entire ‘Stocking Stuffer’ section for your perusal, give it a whirl! 


The aroma lover:
We all know someone who is aroma crazy - which makes finding them a gift much simper! We have bundles and gift boxes with a gorgeous variety of products! Both the bundles and boxes have options in wax melts and candles of our Winter Solstice and Holiday line. The gift boxes also come wrapped & you can select the gift wrapping option at checkout as well! Both the gift boxes and gift wrapping option have a percentage of the proceeds donated to charity 💖


New to fragrances:
A soothing and nostalgic scent is universal and a great starting fragrance for those looking to get into the aroma game! From our Winter Solstice collection, Espresso Cream is a creamy and gentle fragrance for any to enjoy. You can choose it in the candle or wax melt option, just remember to add a warmer if you choose the melts!

If you're looking for something more whimsical, we also have our whipped candles in holiday scents! We suggest Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows - you will love the delicious scent!

Another great option is an Enchanted Ritual candle. We have a new holiday line with a variety of different scents. A bundle option is even available if you're looking for multiple gifts, or to treat yourself as well!


Multiple gift needs:
Another great reason to choose our bundles. If you have multiple people to offer gifts to, our bundles really give you a bang for your buck! Whether you want 8oz, 12oz, minis or whipped candles, we have them all! If who wish to gift wax melts, we also have those! Just remember to get wax warmers so they can enjoy them safely - and we have gift boxes with warmers and melts already wrapped for you, ready to go! ❄️


Check out of Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffer sections for the entire selection! Don't forget, every gift box donates a percentage of the proceeds to a charity. You can also donate to a charity by selecting the 'Gift Wrapping' option at check-out! Happy shopping & don't forget to treat yourself while you're at it 💝