Loved at Long Last Dog Rescue 🐾

Loved at Long Last Dog Rescue 🐾

For the holidays, we've decided to donate proceeds of our gift boxes to multiple charities! 'Tis the season, right? At LLA, we're huge on giving back and this dog rescue stood out to us. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, light your newest LLA candle and get ready for a cozy, feel good read about LALDR. 💖

What is Loved at Long Last Dog Rescue?
LALDR is an amazing dog rescue founded and based in Vancouver. Founded in 2006, Jan & Sue met while they were volunteering at another dog rescue. They quickly realized that the demand for finding adopters for homeless dogs was so great that another dog rescue in Vancouver was needed!

More deets, please! 🐾
LALDR began by finding adoptive homes for stray dogs on reservations and for dogs whose owners could no longer keep them. After only a few months, an Iranian woman got in touch asking if Loved At Last would consider finding homes for Iranian dogs that she rescued off the streets. She said she could find passengers flying to Vancouver willing to bring two dogs with them. LALDR agreed and so began their international dog rescue operations. Within a year LALDR had a dozen volunteers and they were able to accept requests for help from numerous other overseas dog rescues. Today LALDR has over a hundred volunteers and, in addition to rescuing local dogs, finds homes for stray and shelter dogs from Iran, Korea, Kuwait, India, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. 

How did they get started in animal rescue?
I had the amazing pleasure of having a phone conversation with Jan, one of the founders. Jan is one of the sweetest, humblest and most passionate people I have had the opportunity to meet! Connecting on our love for animal safety and rescue, Jan told me how she started out. You may have heard about Tina the elephant from the Vancouver Zoo, many years ago. Long story short, Tina was going to be transferred from the zoo to a circus - yes, a circus. And this circus had an absolutely horrific reputation for animal livelihood and was known for abusive behaviour. Jan, being an animal lover, could not take this. She instead decided to plan a protest after advertising it on the radio - yes, after! With the news of this, the zoo instead decided to find a way to send her to a sanctuary.

This, among other animal rescue stories started Jan's new path in animal rescue. She was even a pilot before - what can't Jan do? 

Why we chose them:
As you know, giving back is extremely important to us. Above our other initiatives, we wanted to find a local charity that we resonated with. LALDR's work, mission and overall vibe matched with ours. They are all about animal safety and security. Dogs are some of the most common species to be abandoned and put in danger and the cause is close to our heart. We love LALDR and cannot wait to support them!✨

Can I volunteer?
Absolutely! Working at LALDR would be an amazing time. They operate fully with volunteers at the moment. You can find out more here:

We are absolutely elated that we get to work with LALDR, Jan & Sue this holiday season. A percentage of proceeds from every Secret Santa, Baby and Santa Paws gift boxes will be sent to LALDR. Thank-you for being a part of this journey, this giving season❣️