Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to us!

We’re 1! Can you believe it?

Hi LLA family! It’s our birthday and we’re feeling nostalgic. Can you believe it’s already been a whole year? We’ve grown so much!

How it started & how it’s going:
When we started LLA, Lily and Chloe were testing out different products and aromas and creating without a particular goal in mind. They used handwritten paper labels and plastic bags for the then only product: wax melts! Fast forward a year later and we’re using recycled paper, recyclable packing peanuts, eco-friendly packaging, FSC wicks and we’re working with One Tree Planted to help the environment! 

You may not remember that wax melts are how we started. They were the first item created at LLA and since then we have so many items to choose from: candles, whipped candles, diffusers, carpet fragrances and more! Not to mention that we launched our mystical luxury line, Enchanted Rituals! ✨

We also have wholesale available in 4 different countries and areas of the world: Canada, USA, UK and Australia - how amazing is that?!

A makeover 💅🏻:
Do you remember our original labels? The handwritten ones? Yes, you heard that right - handwritten! We used to write everything by hand! Thankfully we elevated our label process and look - twice! We’ve been progressing and changing everything to ensure it’s completely eco-friendly and reduces our carbon footprint. Not to mention they are so cute!

We’ve also changed our vessels. We have the cutest options available now and not to mention the most beautiful effervescent vessels with the Enchanted Ritual Collection!

Charity work:
As you know, LLA is focused on giving back. Our community and showing support is so important to us, it’s truly at the core of LLA. Since we’ve launched, we’ve helped plant XXX trees, we’ve donated funds to The Canadian Women’s Foundation (and still are) as well as Balding for Dollars and we’ve helped raise items for Mamas for Mamas during the BC floods, to name a few. We absolutely love charity work and giving back - so if you have an organization or cause in mind, don’t hesitate to send us a message!

We also pledge to plant at least 1000 trees in the next 12 months. Every candle purchased with LLA is 1 tree planted, so when you purchase from us, you’re also participating in a great cause and organization! 🌳

Media & programs:
You may not know this, but Lily has been in the media! Yes, our little Lily has spoken to many about being a mini entrepreneur, running a business, anti-bullying and pursuing your dreams. Lily’s story has been heard by many and she continues to amaze us daily with the amount of knowledge and poise she has. We can’t wait to see what she continues to do, our little superstar!

We’ve also been accepted into the LOI Labs! It’s been such an amazing experience so far and we can’t wait to continue with this amazing organization 🤩

Let us reflect!:
This year has been so amazing in general. We’ve grown, we’ve learnt and most of all - we’ve had fun. Our team has expanded and we have the most amazing women working with us and ensuring that LLA runs as well as it does and we are so grateful for you all!

We’ve also developed our beautiful whipped candles, something that is truly an LLA original and we love them! We’ve come so far from making only wax melts and we have our amazing LLA family and you all to thank for that. 💕

What’s next?:
Coming up we have our magical Winter & Christmas collection, a few special events and so many amazing new aromas! 

The new year is approaching fast and we can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working on with you either.

We have so many amazing things on the rise - stay tuned for more details! Just know that more deliciousness, cuteness and of course, sparkliness is headed your way ✨

Love from Lily, Chloe & the entire LLA family 💗