Day 4 of 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA: Ohh! Foods 🍪

Day 4 of 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA: Ohh! Foods 🍪

It’s December 4th and that means a new spotlight for our 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA! Today - one of the most delectable and delicious brands: Ohh! Foods.

Ohh! Foods is a vegan, gluten-free and allergy friendly brand with delicious snackies for all! 

Brittany, the founder of Ohh! Foods, and her family were having a movie night and she was enjoying her favourite snack, M&M Peanuts, as every other movie night. When all of a sudden, it felt hard to breathe, her throat started to close, and before she knew it she was being rushed to the hospital. 

After receiving some medication and having some tests done, doctors discovered that she had developed a peanut and tree nut allergy at 18 years old! 

After the diagnosis, Brittany had a difficult time finding snacks that tasted how she liked. There were also a few times when she was told something was free from peanuts or tree nuts, but when she turned the package around to read the ingredients, it wasn’t! Allergies are nothing to play around with and we get how difficult it is to find foods for every allergy and dietary restriction. Brittany had a gut feeling she could help others struggling with food allergies and she was right!

The first partner to take Ohh! Foods snacking bites was a yoga studio, and, fast forward to today, you can find their Snacking Bites, Edible Cookie Dough, and Frosting in Walmart Canada, Whole Foods, Goodness Me! Natural Food Market, Healthy Planet, Bed Bath & Beyond & many other amazing retailers across Canada!

The Ohh! Foods tagline is “Welcome to Inclusive Snacking - where we make the world a little safer and a lot sweeter" and they are so right! At LLA, we absolutely love everything they have, especially their edible cookie dough!

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