Day 9 of 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA: Bedside Business Plan! 📔

Day 9 of 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA: Bedside Business Plan! 📔

It’s the final day of our 9 Days of Spotlights with LLA and we wanted to showcase a brand and founder that is near and dear to our heart: Bedside Business Plan!

Jana, the author of this gorgeous journal, is a new friend and connection Lily has made through the power of social media platforms. Jana’s joy de vivre and amazing outlook towards entrepreneurship is truly inspiring and contagious! Bedside Business Plan was a collaboration between Jana and her brother Brad for those looking to start a business from an approachable, comfortable and warm place, at their own pace and with useful tools and resources. The goal of the journal is to build a successful business that will also serve and support you!

Jana, an entrepreneur herself, has her own coaching business named All of Her Business, where she works primarily with women to help them holistically transition from employment to entrepreneurship. Having carefully curated each part of the journal based on the successes of her coaching business, this journal is a guided resource to support you along your business journey!

At LLA, we’re all about doing what feels best for you. This is why both Jana and the Bedside Business Plan were chosen for the spotlight and we couldn’t be happier to work together! Offering a warm, beautiful, and attainable approach to business and entrepreneurship. For so many of our followers asking how to start their own business, this journal is such a great resource! Our very own Lily uses it and loves everything about it.

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous journal that doubles as a resource? Treat yourself or someone you know who is looking to start or develop their business with a special 20% discount today! Use code: LILYLOUS20 at checkout!

Happy shopping! 📔💖

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